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The following terms and conditions apply to the use of City Liquor Apopka website and set forth the agreement made by you with City Liquor Apopka “Company” regarding the use of the website. By using this website you confirm to agree to bound by these terms and conditions.

Ownership, Copyright and Trademark

The website is operated by and is a property of City Liquor Apopka. The copyright, trade names, trademarks, domain name and other intellectual property are owned exclusively by the City Liquor Apopka. Access to the website does not authorize anyone to use Company's name, logos, marks or any other intellectual property in any manner.

Use of Website

By the use of this site, you confirm the agreement and confirm that you are older than 18 years. If you are under 18 years of age, you may not use this site by any means and in any conditions. The parents or guardians should be fully responsible for not allowing their children under 18 years of age for the use of this website or should not accept the terms and conditions on behalf of their children. If you do not agree to any terms and conditions, you do not use this site. If anyone seem to violate this term, intentionally or mistakenly, legal action would be taken against them.

Order Validation

After the order has been placed, we will validate with respect to state laws and regulations. We possess rights to reject order in accordance with the rules or due to order limitations and limited quantities. Generally, the payment is not processed for rejected orders. But, in any circumstances the your payment has been processed than we would refund the whole amount of your order and would notify of rejected order to you via email which is provided by you during registration.

Return Policy

We would accept return goods if notified in next seven days of buying goods for full refund. If you notify after 7 days than you will have to send the goods at your cost. It is advisable that you check the goods as soon as you receive them. The products if needed to be returned, should be in their original packing and in same condition as you received them.


Being a liquor store owners and responsible citizens, it is all of our responsibilities being owner, retailer or buyer, to have controlled and moderate consumption of liquor. Minors should not be allowed to consume liquor at any costs and conditions. Also, being responsible humans we should behave in a sober manner in the society, that is we should not follow drink and drive, drink in pregnancy and while in sports circumstances. Also, increasing awareness of the dangers and consequences of over consumption of alcohol and its harmful impacts on humanity and environment.